August 31, 2022

Pirate Life Wharfie Draught

Pirate Life Wharfie Draught Subheading

Pirate Life and Fremantle Dockers’ roots run deep, long before the iconic Port Adelaide watering hole was born. Pirate Life’s Founder Michael Cameron worked in the footy Club’s Marketing Department, with his son and Co-Founder Jack Cameron playing high-school football with Nat Fyfe, the Dockers’ current Club captain. The seeds for a joint venture were planted early, although they didn’t know it yet.

Jack went on to complete a BrewDog apprenticeship in Scotland alongside Co-Founder Jared Proudfoot, returning to Freo to work for Little Creatures while Jared helped establish Cheeky Monkey Brewery. Meanwhile, Michael worked in the background getting the funds together and the trio eventually went on to starting up Pirate Life.

Hanging out at a few bars in Freo with Jack and hearing his initial business pitch, Nat was keen to support in any way he could and jumped on board as an early investor, not anticipating the success it would later bring.

Wharfie Draught tells the story of Freo Dockers and Pirate Life’s synergy through beer, as well as their connection to the portside city. There’s no denying that footy and beer go hand in hand and this easy drinking Pale Ale was designed to be enjoyed on game day.

Crafted from malted barley, wheat, US and NZ hops and a clean fermenting ale yeast, the resulting beer is refreshing with a low bitterness and fruity lift. With citrus and stone fruit flavours from the hops and a touch of sweetness from the premium Australian malt, it’s your easy drinking go-to that’s perfect for any backyard BBQ.

With iconic Fremantle landmarks featured on the can design, including the sea container rainbow, the cranes, Freo Markets, Monument Hill, the lighthouse, the Freo Oval grandstands, the John Gerovich statue and a Bathers Beach sunset, it couldn’t get more Freo if it tried.

We sat down with Pirate Life’s Head Brewer Lewis Maschmedt for a quick run down on all things Wharfie Draught, from the bright purple can right down to what footy teams they’ll be rooting for…



Q&A with Pirate Life Head Brewer,
Lewis Maschmedt


When did you first become Head Brewer at Pirate Life?

I became head brewer a couple of years back. But I have been working with Pirate Life for 7 years now!

How was the idea for a collab between Freo Dockers and Pirate Life first born?

Michael and Jack are huge Freo fans and have a personal connection to the club. Michael worked there from 1997-2003 and Jack went to school with Fyfe. So it has been a natural fit for us to work with them, eventually!

Tell us a bit about the flavour profiles of the hops used in this beer and why you chose them.

This beer is all about fresh fruity flavours. The hop combination delivers this in droves. We tried to keep the bitterness down to make this one smashable so there was a bit of consideration there too.

How does this beer capture the Freo Dockers, from the style, right down to the name?

It’s a West Australian style pale ale. Light, fruity and very drinkable. The can design is fantastic and along with the name, it captures the feel of Freo perfectly. I think that the harbour is the heart of Fremantle’s identity, so it needed to call that out in a big way. Plus it’s purple, which isn’t your average beer can colour.

How does the premium Aussie malt add to the flavour of the beer?

We use premium Australian malt as the base for all our brews. We are spoilt for quality here in Australia with our grain and the proof is in the drinking. The malts clean, light sweetness carry the hops wonderfully.

What kind of food would go hand in hand with an ice cold tin of Wharfie Draught?

Fish or squid with some chips or even a grilled sardine or two. It’s acidity will compliment nicely.

Are you a footy fan yourself and if so, what’s your favourite team and favourite player?

Much to Jack and Michael’s chagrin, I am a West Coast fan. And it’s hard to go past Ben Cousins back in the day, but more recently I have loved watching Kennedy kick a bag or two.

Where can you find Wharfie Draught in WA?

Anywhere good beer is poured and Liquor Barons of course.

What’s next in the pipeline for Pirate life?

Too much to list here. We have knocked off 77 new beers this year and the ideas just keep flowing!

Sum up Wharfie Draught in five words…

Fresh, fruity, fun for Freo.

Wharfie Draught has officially made port in fridges Australia-wide and with the AFL Grand Final fast approaching, be sure to head into any of the Liquor Barons stores below to stock up on some before it’s all gone!


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