May 30, 2023

Purple Hazy

Purple Hazy Subheading

Pirate Life and the Fremantle Football Club recently brewed up a new Dockers-themed beer ahead of their 21st Purple Haze game, defeating Hawthorn in round eight by 69 points! In a vibrant shade of purple, Purple Hazy is a clean and refreshing pale ale that proudly pays homage to the Dockers’ determined spirit and their faithful force of fans.

With a long-standing friendship between Captain Nat Fyfe and Pirate Life Founder Jack Cameron that goes way back, Purple Hazy was bound to kick some goals. This joint beer venture marks the second collaboration between the Dockers and the Adelaide-based brewers, after last season’s release of Wharfie Draught, which celebrated Freo’s triumphant return to footy finals. 

So, what can you expect from Purple Hazy? This hazy pale ale is a harmonious blend of malted barley, wheat, and oats, fortified by the flavorsome union of Australian, New Zealand, and American hops. When poured, this sunny yellow elixir reveals a gentle haze with delightful aromas of tinned fruit and strawberries. Each sip is clean and invigorating, boasting a well-integrated bitterness and a fresh, fruity finish.

So chuck on your best purple kit, grab a slab of Purple Hazy and quench your Dockers-inspired thirst by dropping into your local Liquor Barons store today. Cheers!

“This collaboration Hazy Pale is packed with juicy fruit characters.”



Pirate Life Purple Hazy | $49.99 16pk

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