October 17, 2023

Refuel with DR3

Refuel with DR3 Subheading

DR3 Wines is the brainchild of legendary Formula 1 driver and West Aussie local, Daniel Ricciardo, and the highly awarded winery, St Hugo. The brand is driven (pun intended) by a shared passion for great wine, and the desire to create quality wines crafted for occasions that are destined to become great memories. DR3 is available NOW to West Aussies for the first time, exclusively at Liquor Barons, until Dec 2023.

First established in 2020, this partnership between Daniel and the team at St Hugo is more than any old celebrity endorsement. It is a genuine and passion-driven business with big future plans. Following their hugely successful launch of the DR3 x St Hugo fine wine series in 2021, this partnership will see new vintages released each year and an expansion of the DR3 Wines range. Currently, the range includes a Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. We sat down with the St Hugo team to talk about their latest DR3 range and get the goss on their partnership with Daniel… read all about it below.


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Q&A with DR3

Why has St Hugo partnered with Daniel Ricciardo? What started this partnership?

Daniel has had a life-long passion for wine which he inherited from his father. That passion led him eventually into wine making, which he started with St Hugo Chief Winemaker Peter Munro in 2021. The collaboration with Daniel Ricciardo and St Hugo is a blend of the love of fine wines and the desire to capture Daniel’s character into the distinctive St Hugo wine style that represents their joint values of power and excellence. 2021 saw the launch of DR3 x St Hugo and in 2023, launched its third annual series. St Hugo have also been the official wine partner of the Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 since 2019. This partnership is a perfect fit, as each shares a continual pursuit for excellence.

How was Daniel involved in the DR3 the 3rd x St Hugo winemaking process?

The partnership is an involved collaboration between Daniel Ricciardo, Peter Munro and the St Hugo team. This isn’t a once off ‘celebrity endorsed wine’, but a wholistic partnership with aspirations to make a mark in the Australian and international winemaking industry.

Daniel works closely with St Hugo Chief Winemaker, Peter Munro, and the St Hugo team, on all aspects, including getting his hands dirty and creating the wines each year. Daniel is involved closely, across all aspects of the wine development, from wine-making, future direction, packaging and marketing.

Daniel gets to the Barossa when he can which is a fantastic opportunity for him to experience walking through the vineyards, tasting grapes as we near vintage. He has an active hands-on blending and tasting role throughout the winemaking process which saw him drive (pun intended) the shape, structure, and flavour profile of the latest release. With guidance from St Hugo Chief Winemaker, Peter Munro, they blended a contemporary interpretation of St Hugo’s house style.

As a wine maker, Peter thinks about blending in terms of shapes and how a wine is structured, less about flavour. And together with Daniel, who comes at the process by integrating his personality when it comes to flavour, they’ve created a family of delicious fine wines.

Where does Daniel’s love of wine come from?

Daniel’s lifelong passion for wine began with his family and his father’s great love of wine and fine craftsmanship. With their Italian heritage, Daniel’s family has always loved sharing wine in good company. A naturally curious person, Daniel recently stated his desire to better understand wine and thus began learning about winemaking with St Hugo’s Chief Winemaker, Peter Munro.

What is different about this release than the last two releases?

This is the best one yet. The near perfect South Australian vintage of 2021 has given Daniel Ricciardo and Peter Munro the opportunity to create a wine to release this year that is perfect for the cellar. The result of three years of collaboration, alongside exceptional conditions for the vintage. DR3 the 3rd will also be marked by a new-look label.


DR3 Bottles


What is the significance of the number 3 for both Daniel and DR3 Wines?

3 is Daniel’s lucky number. It was the number of his first go-kart. It was the street number of his family home. Daniel’s favourite NASCAR Driver, Dale Earnhardt drove number three. He even has the number 3 tattooed on his finger.

The number “three” represents a milestone for this partnership – three memorable years and three exceptional releases for DR3 x St Hugo.

What are the flavour profiles of the two wines?

Cabernet at its finest, the DR3 the 3rd x St Hugo South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 showcases the distinctive characteristics of the wonderful 2021 vintage. Aromas of raspberry mingle with hints of bay leaf, while elegant fine tannins dance with bright red fruits and hints of oak to deliver a seamless performance on the palate.

The DR3 the 3rd x St Hugo South Australian Shiraz 2021 is impeccable and unapologetic – the product of individually created parcels sourced from a range of South Australian regions, matured in oak for 14 months, then blended. Dark and brooding with masses of berry, pomegranate, and raspberry fruit; it will draw you in with its mysterious charm and then engulf your tastebuds with an elegant, expressive embrace.

How are the quality of these wines keeping up to the St Hugo standard?

Over a long-term partnership, Daniel will work with St Hugo’s Chief Winemaker, Peter Munro, who will guide him through the winemaking process, from selecting the vineyards, to harvesting and blending. Daniel’s involvement in the winemaking process will increase each year as his knowledge and experience in the winemaking industry builds, which will ensure the quality of the wines are of a high standard.

What does the future look like?

DR3 Wines is in it for the long haul. The partnership between Daniel Ricciardo and St Hugo was first established in 2020 and this is not a celebrity endorsement, it is a genuine and passion-driven business with big potential. Following the successful launch of the DR3 x St Hugo fine wine series in 2021, this is a long-term partnership and will see new vintages released each year and an expansion of the DR3 Wines range.

How many bottles of these wines are available?

DR3 is available for the first time ever on WA shelves exclusively at Liquor Barons. The St Hugo x DR3 range is a limited release, with new wines launched annually. The latest release is available NOW for the first time to West Aussies. It will be available until sold out so be sure to get in to your local Barons, quick!

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