February 3, 2023

Fizz, flavour and aroma is here! With Sungazer Fruity Beer

Fizz, flavour and aroma is here! With Sungazer Fruity Beer Subheading


Ever found yourself fangin’ for something refreshing, fruit flavoured and fizzy, but with a little more body than a seltzer? Then listen up, because Sungazer Fruity Beer is the new kid in town, and it’s bursting with fruit flavour!

The first of its kind, Sungazer Fruity Beer is something along the lines of a beer-seltzer hybrid with all the ingredients we know and love in beer, without the beery aftertaste. It’s light and easy to drink, refreshing with each sip.

We pulled up a digital seat with the brains behind Sungazer to find out a little bit more about this delicious new concept and why you should get it on ya palate!



Q&A with the Sungazer Team

Fruity Beer may be a pretty foreign concept to some. What can people expect in terms of taste, smell, aromas in comparison to a regular lager or pale ale style of beer?

Sungazer Fruity Beer has an ultra low bitterness, just the right amount of sweetness and a whole lot of fruity flavour. It’s refreshing and full of so much fruity flavour, people are surprised it’s even a beer.

While beer is still Australia’s most popular alcoholic drink, Fruity Beer is a new category of flavoured beer, which caters to drinkers’ palates changing and increasingly enjoying lighter drinking.


Why do you think there’s more of a desire for easy-to-drink beverages?

People’s preferences are often shaped by the world around them. As the world has globalised over the last few decades, consumers are exposed to more and more food and drinks than ever, which shifts our taste buds over time. We’ve seen easier drinking liquids come in, that over time has influenced preferences for beers with lower bitterness. This makes way for an innovation like fruity beer.


How is Sungazer pushing the boundaries and creating a point of difference from other fruity-falvoured beers out there that many craft breweries are producing?

Sungazer is a less complex liquid than a lot of craft fruited beers, with just 7 IBUs and very mild hop notes. It creates a subtle malt base that allows our fruity flavours to dominate the brew, with a much stronger fruit flavour than anything you’d normally taste in a craft beer.


What kinds of ingredients are used in Sungazer Fruity Beer?

Fruity Beer’s major ingredients are malted barley, hops, yeast, and water, just like regular tasting beer.


Tell us about the current line-up of fruity flavours of Mango, Raspberry and Watermelon…

All three flavours are light and fruity with a short finish, with each fruit aroma carried onto the palate. Mango has dominant tropical notes and raspberry has slightly tart notes, while watermelon is undeniably recognisable. We’re always innovating at Asahi beverages and we’ll continue to explore the future of Fruity Beer.


Where can people get their hands on Sungazer Fruity Beer?

At all Liquor Barons stores around WA. 


Get your hands on Sungazer Fruity Beer in Mango, Raspberry and Watermelon flavours from your local Liquor Barons store. 


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