August 28, 2023

Tatelbaum Wines – For home, for family, for friends and lovers.

Tatelbaum Wines – For home, for family, for friends and lovers. Subheading


Tatelbaum is an ode to family roots and the strong women of a family spanning across generations.

The Tatelbaum range has been based around 4 strong and inspiring Italian women, over generations of the family, each with larger than life personalities who enjoyed good food and good company. For that reason, Tatelbaum has had these women lovingly represented, not only through the flavours and varietals of the wine, but also through hand drawn illustrations that help to tie together the essence of their personality and why each wine is dedicated to them.

We asked the Tatelbaum family some questions about their incredible history and what’s in store for the brand… Feel as though you’re traipsing through the European countryside as you sip Tatelbaum wines and enjoy…



Q&A with Tatelbaum

Tell us about Tatelbaum’s history, when and where did it all begin?

We wanted to tell our family’s story of migrating to Australia, the life they built and culture that is passed down through the different women that make up a family, a story that so many people in Australia can relate to.

With our long history of making wine throughout Italy, we decided to select wines that we had been working on in Italy that matched the personality of each woman, while leaving space for the brand to expand.

The origin of the real Tatelbaum women starts with Miriam (Grillo), born in the 1860’s, who bought her children out of Europe for a new life in Australia. Her courage and sense of community guides the core values of the Tatelbaum brand, and the generations of Tatelbaum women that come after her.

What was the first Tatelbaum wine produced?

This project began in 2020, with the wines eventually being released in 2022. We took our time building the Tatelbaum brand and the wines to reflect the authentic story of these women and create wines that we believed in.

Our first wine was the Prosecco, we wanted a wine that fit the warm sunny lifestyle of West Australians and something they could celebrate with. Our second wine was the Chianti. We wanted an elegant Italian red wine, that would have a sense of familiarity.

What grape variety is your favourite to work with and why?

Prosecco would have to be our favourite to work with. The science and intricate techniques to create a
flavourful traditional Prosecco.

This Prosecco is bottled young and fresh to preserve the pristine fruit flavours and fresh acidity. The fruit is then sorted and gently pressed, the light and clear juice is fermented to create a still (dry) base wine. The base wine is then transferred to sealed and pressurized stainless-steel tanks, combined with sugar and yeast to begin second fermentation (bubbles!). A dosage of still wine is added to bring the wine to the desired sweetness.

What do you want people to think or feel when they drink Tatelbaum wines?

With every glass of Tatelbaum they should feel a sense of community. Enjoying a Chianti or
Montepulciano with their family over dinner, popping open the Prosecco to celebrate all the big life
moments, and pouring a glass of Grillo by the beach with friends in Summer. Tatelbaum is about
bringing people together for the big and little moments in life.

To date, what has been your most interesting vintage and why?

The 2021 vintage was particularly interesting with significantly cooler weather in the lead up and during

The 2021 harvest has demonstrated the positive results that the denomination has achieved both at the close of 2020 and in 2021. The analyses in the vineyard has assured a vintage that will be remembered for its quality. From a meteorological point of view, 2021 was a cool year when compared with the last 15 years; for this reason, wine development and consequently grape ripening were significantly delayed, about ten to twelve days for each phenological stage. In contrast to previous years, the summer months of June and July were less rainy, which had the advantage of facing less disease in the vineyard.

Nevertheless, vineyards have not suffered from sunburn or dehydration. The temperature range that characterized the month of August led to a good level of acidity, which is essential for obtaining sparkling wines with distinct notes of freshness.

What are Tatelbaum’s winemaking philosophies and aspirations?

Tatelbaum Wine Illustrations

We are lovers of late-night conversations, coming back for seconds and gazing out to the stars. We are hopeless romantics, endlessly devoted to the sweetest moments. Kisses on the forehead, coming home to flowers and a glass of wine. We aspire for Tatelbaum to evoke these feelings and experiences in your world.

Our winemaking philosophy is that we hope with each wine and illustration you feel a sense of belonging, depth, and community. We hope the stories of the women in our family spark empowerment in you. We hope it reminds you of the beauty, courage and generosity of our ancestors who enabled you to be here today. We aspire for Tatelbaum to create occasions for passionate conversations, new friendships, and sheer enjoyment.

We want you to bring Tatelbaum along for all events big and small. We want you to feel passion, to feel like you can take up space and be proud of the journey that got you here today!

How would you describe your Chianti?

Tatelbaum Wine Image

Drawn from the rolling hills of the Chianti Superiore region, this Sangiovese blend is midweight and savoury, with trademark charcuterie-seeking tannins, yet still with this core of ripe fruit. The superiore grapes are fermented in cement tanks. Combines wonderful savoury elements, black olive and dried herbs with vibrant red fruits, plum, blackberry. The palate has supple, velvety tannins with flavours of spicy, sweet dark cherry. This wine has a very soft and succulent finish.

Antoinette was taught from a young age the importance of keepsakes and memories. Building a life of her own with the love of her life, she took to teaching those after her the importance of ancestry and history.

Antoinette embodies a rare beauty and pricelessness that comes with creating family memories. The perfect wine for sentimental people.

How would you describe your Prosecco?

Tatelbaum Wine Image

A DNA unmistakably from the Veneto region, strong visual impact, it represents the originating territories. Fresh and fruity, refined in their sensorial profiles and develop a unique and distinctive perlage. The Prosecco DOC has always represented a feather in the cap of the sparkling wine of Italy, and the distinctive style has counted on signs of appreciation from every part of the world.

Lemon, red apple, florals, and lime. Bright and playful finish.

Esther represents strength, as she helped raise her younger siblings, and worked to support her family whilst running her local deli. Her energy and dreaming links to the meaning of her now, a powerful force. To us, Esther is the star in the night sky, helping light the way and guide us home.

What does a typical day at Tatelbaum Wines look like?

When working with producers on the other side of the world a typical day doesn’t really exist. We always need to expect the unexpected and be prepared for delays, so our work days might start at a normal time but with the time zone to talk to someone on the phone, the work days can run late. Although other days can be focused on our story and developing the brand, which can be through developing illustrations, or going through old photos of the women to tell their story.

How would you describe the evolution of Tatelbaum over the last few generations?

The evolution of Tatelbaum Wines began hundreds of years ago in Europe, where our ancestors lived with the philosophy that family is everything.

Our ancestors made the courageous decision to move to Australia for a better life over 110 years ago, to give their predecessors a prosperous future. They inherited a strong sense of self, a deep love for family,
and a respect for those who came before them.

Tatelbaum Wine Illustrations

50 years ago, our family started making wine, and ever since, we have been known as the big family in the small house, the best cooks, and the larger-than-life family.

Our culture and history have always been at the forefront of our admiration. Today, we are proud to have created a premium wine label that honours four remarkable women from generations of our family.

Through illustrations and storytelling, we capture the essence of their larger-than-life personalities and the meaning behind their names. Tatelbaum is more than just wine. It is a celebration of home, family, and the bonds we share with friends and loved ones.

What makes Tatelbaum wines unique?

The women that are on each bottle are all real women to hold the last name Tatelbaum / Tate. We
intentionally matched their personality to their wine to give each wine an honest and authentic feel.

The illustrations that are on each label are hand drawn. These illustrations are original and are specifically created to encapsulate the women the wine is named after.

As these wines are DOC/DOCG they are made traditionally, and as such the whole Tatelbaum range is vegan.

What’s next for Tatelbaum Wines?

We hope to be releasing a Super Tuscan next year going into the cooler months. This will be named after Rachel Tatelbaum. A strong and admirable woman that was well loved throughout the Tatelbaum family. This Super Tuscan will reflect her strength and wisdom with her gentle personality.

Where can people get their hands on Tatelbaum Wine?

The Tatelbaum Wines can be found on your local Liquor Barons shelves today. Find your local HERE.


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