October 17, 2023

Your new summer brew… Sea Bird!

Your new summer brew… Sea Bird! Subheading


A brand new brew from our mates at Gage Roads… Sea Bird! Your friends will be gathering around you like a flock of seagulls near chippies when you pull this out on a warm WA summer’s day!

EXCLUSIVELY available to Liquor Barons shelves, this brew is a delicious single-hop pale ale. Using hops from the Superdelic variety, the team were able to highlight the citrus and tropical fruit flavours while keeping bitterness low. Refreshing and easy to drink, this is going to be your summer go-to, trust us!

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Q&A with Gage Roads

Tell us what Sea Bird is all about! Where did the idea for Sea Bird come from?

Sea Bird was inspired by one of our A Shed Series brews, One Hop Wonder, a Single Hop Pale Ale. Both we and the Barons crew loved it, so when it came to deciding what beer style we were going to brew together as our exclusive collab beer, it was an easy decision to go with a Single Hop Pale Ale! Once we landed on Superdelic as the hop, the name “Sea Bird” flowed out from the inspiration our brewery draws from the coastal lifestyle.

How is this brew different to Gage Roads’ other beers?

This brew distinguishes itself from our other beers by embracing the concept of a Single Hop Pale Ale. In contrast to the usual practice of blending multiple hop varieties, we’ve opted to focus exclusively on a single hop in this brew. This deliberate choice allows us to accentuate and highlight the vibrant aromas associated with the Superdelic variety, providing a unique and intensified sensory experience that sets this beer apart from the rest.

Tell us about the brewing process.

We brew this beer in a manner like most of our other ales, with one notable exception – the Superdelic hops are utilised both in the whirlpool and as a post-fermentation hop addition (dry hop). It is then left unfiltered to maximise the flavour and aroma intensity before packaging.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

All the ingredients for this brew originate from Australia, except for the Superdelic hop itself. Superdelic is an exclusive hop variety sourced from a company known as NZ Hops, renowned for imparting distinctive flavours and aromas of red fruit, candy/lolly, citrus, and tropical fruit.

Why use Superdelic hops from NZ?

We don’t frequently have the opportunity to work with a “champion” hop like Superdelic. In most cases, hops shine brightest when they complement each other. However, Superdelic is a unique hop variety that has been recognised for its ability to provide ample complexity on its own, allowing it to be utilised as a standalone ingredient.

What kind of person/lifestyle do you think would love sipping on a single hop beer like Sea Bird?

Sea Bird is full of flavour but easy to drink. It’s got the awesome craft flavour, but nice accessibility you’d expect from any Gage Roads beer. At a cool 4.2% ABV, regulars of all Gage beers will be smashing this one through the sunny summer days!

What flavours should we expect with this beer?

A punch of juicy tropical taste with a light malt base and dialled-back bitterness.

What’s unique about Sea Bird over other pale ale options?

While many other pale ales on the market rely on a blend of hops, often incorporating North American hop varieties, which are certainly excellent choices, our Single Hop Pale Ale offers punters a unique opportunity. It allows them to fully savour not only the Superdelic hop but also the exceptional characteristics that New Zealand hops can bestow upon a beer when used individually.

Where and when can people get their hands on Sea Bird?

Sea Bird launches October 18, available in 4x6x330mL Cans at Liquor Barons stores across WA; and on tap at Gage Roads Freo plus select WA venues. Here for a good time, not a long time!

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