December 18, 2023

Need some last minute giftspiration?

Need some last minute giftspiration? Subheading


Procrastinators unite! Before you shame spiral, we’ve got some good news. Your local Liquor Barons is a safe space and has got your last minute gift spree covered!

With over 70 stores across the state, you’ll be able to drop into your local with ease on route to all your festivities! Your local Baron is more than happy to help you find those last-minute gifts for the impossible-to-buy-fors or when you’re told to ‘not bring a thing’.

We’ve put together some gift ideas that’ll get you out of that “I-kinda-forgot-about you” situation, which is bound to happen over the Christmas period. Here are a few options to ensure you stay on the nice list this Christmas…🎁


Liquor Barons - Jameson Irish Whisky 1LJameson Irish Whiskey 1L

The perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness. Light, smooth and easy to drink, Jameson is a great addition to any home bar cart.

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - Veuve Clicquot Brut ChampagneVeuve Clicquot Brut Champagne

The gift to top all gifts, who doesn’t love seeing that bright yellow label?! Lemony richness on the nose, a struck-match character that falls in with a lemon vanilla note. Toffee apple allure on the palate with chalky coolness and a savoury, nutty finish. Cheers to that!

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - DR3 x St Hugo Cabernet SauvignonDR3 x St Hugo Cabernet Sauvignon

For the Formula 1 fan in your life, the St Hugo x Daniel Ricciardo DR3 wines are popular for a reason! This Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of raspberry mingle with hints of bay leaf, whilst elegant fine tannins dance with bright red fruits and hints of oak to deliver a seamless performance on the palate. Better yet, this bottle comes wrapped and ready in it’s own gift box!

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


DR3 x St Hugo ShirazDR3 x St Hugo Shiraz

Dark and brooding with masses of berry, pomegranate, and raspberry fruit, it will draw you in with its mysterious charm and then engulf your tastebuds with an elegant, expressive embrace. For the Honey Badger fan! Lucky you, this bottle also comes wrapped and ready to go in it’s own gift box!

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - Moet & Chandon ImperialMoët & Chandon Impérial

The iconic champagne to celebrate memories made. Moët & Chandon has the delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruits (pear, peach, apple), the alluring caress of fine bubbles and the soft vivacity of citrus fruit and nuances of gooseberry make it a bottle that never goes to waste.

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - Altos Olmeca Plata Tequila 700mLAltos Olmeca Plata Tequila 700mL

This tequila is known for its smooth taste and how well it mixes to make the perfect Margarita. So much so that it was voted the best tequila among the top bartenders around the globe, according to a Drinks International poll. A great crowd pleasing gift that can be shared all around!

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - Tread Softly Pink Gin 700mLTread Softly Pink Gin 700mL

Defying the norm, this gluten free Pink Gin isn’t too sweet but smells amazing, loaded with juniper and finger limes. Delicious with tonic and a slice of orange. Plus the bottle is so pretty, it’s a great gift for that feminine energy in your life.

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - Skyy Vodka 700mLSkyy Vodka 700mL

Lightly peppery and gently sweet in equal measure, this vodka is nicely balanced and offers a light, airy texture on the palate. Such an iconic bottle, makes a great gift. This is a great addition to many celebratory cocktails.

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


Liquor Barons - Wild Turkey American HoneyWild Turkey American Honey 700mL

Big aromatic notes of honey (obviously), lemon zest, allspice, and soft polished oak. Great for the wallet but doesn’t compromise on flavour! You could also go into the draw to win one helluva prize if you buy this drop before 31 Dec. Buy something for your giftee, and you could win something for you!

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)

Click here to find out more about the Wild Turkey Shop n’ WIN


Liquor Barons - Baileys Irish Cream 700mLBaileys Irish Cream 700mL

A Christmas essential for any grandparent or Santa sympathiser! Creamy and balanced with cocoa powder, dark chocolate, creamy latte coffee and a touch of nuttiness. A delicious after Xmas sipper.

(Price available until 31 Dec 2023)


So here’s to you, our last minute gift givers! Never fear, your Baron is near, and here to make your life easier. Our last minute gift guide will ensure you stay in everyone’s good books for another year.

Don’t forget! Each store will have their own opening hours over the holiday period, so make sure you check ahead to avoid disappointment.


Xmas Last Minute Gift Ideas - Liquor Barons

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