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February 12, 2021

Hay Shed Hill

Hay Shed Hill Subheading

Winemaker Michael Kerrigan was one of a group of buyers who, in 2006, purchased the Hay Shed Hill property and have steadily increased the quality of its wines and reputation since.

Focussing on single vineyard expressions from WA, which are as wide ranging as Mt Barker riesling to Margaret River chardonnay and cabernet, Hay Shed Hill wines are high quality, well reviewed and great value for money. The majority of the vineyard at Hay Shed Hill is low yielding and dry grown, producing outstanding fruit.

The Hay Shed Hill vineyard is situated on a picturesque property that was established as a group settlement farm for returned soldiers from the First World War. Known as Sussex Vale the property was originally a dairy farm. The current homestead, considerably renovated, still has much of the original Group Settlement look and feel.

Did You Know

The sister label, Pitchfork, was developed to complement the single vineyard Hay Shed Hill label. A series of ownership changes saw numerous alterations to labels, wine style and distribution until the current group of partners bought back the farm and the brand in late 2006 and returned to the original concept of producing wine with integrity that expresses the quality of the site.

Winemaker Michael “Kegs” Kerrigan:
Owner – Winemaker – Managing Director

Kegs started life as a radiographer, “I was a radiographer for many years but had a passion for wine but never really thought I could actually do it as a job!” he then moved on to Howard Park as assistant winemaker. In ’99 he was promoted to senior winemaker and there he stayed until 2006 when he bought into Hay Shed Hill. Kegs is well liked, widely respected and a talented winemaker. Liquor Barons are proud to sell the Hay Shed Hill and Pitchfork wines.


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