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February 13, 2021

The West Winds

The West Winds Subheading

The West Winds Gins

The West Winds Gin was founded in 2011 by four intrepid pioneers who wanted to bring damn fine Australian gins to the world. Distilled and produced here in our own backyard in Margaret River, we’ve set out to make the best gin the world has ever tasted and we’ll be damned if we let convention get in the way.

We have scrounged and unearthed an assortment of flavours from the land and sea. We seek perfection and we practice precision but we are not afraid to bend the rules, leaving a wake of inspiration and awe as we pass.

“We make our juice for the world’s most refined scoundrels, scallywags and ratbags, so bottoms up friends and down the hatch”


The West Winds Sabre

The Sabre is West Wind’s weapon of choice and the local distillery’s tip of the hat to the long honoured London gin style. The Sabre is a collision of citrus flavours with over twelve Australian and imported botanicals including Lemon Myrtle and Wattleseed blended perfectly with its Juniper core.


  • Rich juniper, herbal notes and citrus


  • Pronounced alcohol heat
  • Big juniper flavour in the aftertaste
  • Lemon Myrtle and Wattleseed are noticeable on the finish
  • The heat of the alcohol knocks out a lot of the subtlety out when drinking it straight, but don’t worry, you can get it back!

The Sabre should be enjoyed with quality tonic and a slice of lemon and makes a Classic Negroni, West Winds’ drink of choice.


WWG Classic Negroni Recipe

  • 30ml The West Winds Sabre
  • 30ml Campari
  • 30ml Sweet Vermouth

Build in a cocktail shaker, chill, strain and pour over ice with a twist of orange for garnish.



The West Winds Sabre

  • San Francisco Int Spirits Awards 2011 Gold
  • San Francisco Int Spirits Awards 2016 & 2017 Silver
  • Australian Distilled Spirits Awards Champion Gin 2015

The West Winds Cutlass

  • New York Ultimate Spirits Competition Chairmans Trophy 2016
  • San Francisco Int Spirits Awards Double Gold 2011 & 2013
  • Australian Distilled Spirits Competitons Champion Gin 2014

The West Winds Broadside

  • San Francisco Int Spirits Awards Double Gold 2017
  • New York Spirits Competition Double Gold 2014
  • Australian Distilled Spirits Awards Champion Gin 2017 (Current Champion)



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