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February 14, 2021

Weihenstephaner Kristal, Pils

Weihenstephaner Kristal, Pils Subheading

Almost a thousand years ago the Weihenstephan was the monastery brewery of the Benedictine monks. As the oldest still existing brewery in the world, it stands upon the Weihenstephan hill in old Bavaria, surrounded by traditional German countryside. And so, a unique tradition and brewing culture developed over the centuries. Today, with a combination of modern technology, a start-of-the-art brewing facility, and traditional brewing methods, Weihenstephan has earnt its reputation for making some of the world’s best quality beers.



Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in the world, but with that comes a level of responsibility to produce consistent, and great quality beer. Generations of knowledge have been passed down from brewmaster to brewmaster till today, where we are still producing the world’s most awarded and highly regarded German beer. We brew according to the 1516 Purity Laws which ensures every single drop of beer contains the same ingredients without any compromise on the taste and quality of beer.


Tasting Notes

  • Weihenstephaner Hefewiessbier (Wheat Beer)
    5.4% ABV · 14 IBU
    Cloudy wheat beer with a smooth malt background which impresses consumers with its refreshing banana flavour. It is full bodied and has an enjoyable complex flavour.
  • Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier (Crystal Wheat Beer)
    5.4% ABV · 16 IBU
    Our crystal clear filtered wheat beer is free of yeast giving it an animated appearance. Its citrusy flavour combines well with the light banana notes making ti the perfect refreshing beer and thirst quencher.
  • Weihenstephaner Pilsner (Bavarian Style Pilsner)
    5.1% ABV · 30 IBU
    Golden-yellow, bright, and quite hoppy. Our Pilsner comes up with a distinctive aroma of hops with a pleasant bitterness. This pairing provides a balanced mix with great enjoyment.


Did You Know

We are that old, we’ve practically seen it all. During 1085 and 1463, the Weihenstephan Brewery burned down completely four times, was destroyed and depopulated by three plagues, outlived a variety of famines and still stood after one of the worlds largest recorded earthquakes. When it comes to beer, we get pretty resilient.



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