Beer of the Month special: 6 October - 3 November, 2019

Beer of the Month special: 6 October - 3 November, 2019

Uncomplicated. That’s life in Margaret River. And that’s the philosophy behind the Colonial Brewing Company.

One of the first breweries to open on Western Australia’s wild coastline, the Colonial Brewing Co tapped its first keg in 2004. It was the first step in an incredible journey, and guided by some of Australia’s most talented and passionate brewers, we opened our first East Coast brewery in Port Melbourne in 2015.

But even as we grow, we still do things the exact same way we do them in the Margaret River. We do them uncomplicated. That’s why our hand-crafted beer actually tastes like beer should. It’s why our ciders use only cold-pressed Australian apples. It’s why we created a range of crafted cans that could go where you go and do what you do, from the bar to a barbie, a festival to the footy.

Because life is better uncomplicated.

Colonial Brewing Company

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What’s It like

Our warm weather seasonal is brewed in Margaret River in Western Australia’s South West. Pale, Wheat and Munich malts build a light body with a hint of sweetness and we partially ferment this with a natural acidifying bacteria in the brewhouse. Ale yeast completes the job in the fermentation tank, adding a little extra fruitiness to boot. Hops from both hemispheres provide a vibrant tropical aroma, but with low bitterness to keep this golden sour light and refreshing. 4.6% ABV

Did you know/Quick Facts

You’ll notice almost immediately that our tins look a little different to others with our iconic 360* lids, but do you know why we open the whole can up? Our brewers source some of the highest quality ingredients such as hops and malts from around the world! Traditionally, our brewers would pour your beer into a clean cold glass to ensure you get the full Colonial experience. We know this is near impossible when you’re away camping or on the boat, at a festival or just mowing the lawn, the 360* lid allows you to really open up the beer, engage your senses and take in all the aromas perfectly sealed in the tin.

Have you notice the temperature guide on the side of our tins as well? Look for the little lions just above the barcode. These lions will turn blue when your beer has chilled down to about 4*, the ultimate beer drinking temperature! This is a special kind of thermal printing using thermochromic paint. Now get those tins in the fridge!

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