Lesley Gracie; part-alchemist, part-liquid poet, part-scientist and a pioneer of modern gin distilling.

Lesley Gracie; part-alchemist, part-liquid poet, part-scientist and a pioneer of modern gin distilling.

A complex fusion of characteristics and flavours, Hendrick's gin perfectly marries two very antique and entirely different styles of distilling incorporating two odd looking stills to create a most unusual gin. Built in 1860 and 1948 respectively, the Bennett copper pot still and rarer Carter-Head still originally used to make Hendrick's continue to be utilised in production today and have become one of the unusual yet defining trademark characteristics of the gin.

Hendrick's gin was born in 1999 in the tiny seaside village of Girvan, which lies in Ayrshire, south west Scotland and is the brainchild of a fifth generation of family distillers, William Grant & Sons who have broken conventions over the past 18 years, rapidly establishing Hendrick's as a serious player in international gin sales. The origins and inspiration for Hendrick's was first discovered when master distiller Charles Gordon enlisted the help of Lesley Grace, firing up both the old stills in collaboration to produce a rather odd symphony of botanicals consisting of a number of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from across the world. These botanicals compliment and further enliven Hendrick’s curious infusions of cucumber and rose petal.


Tasting Notes

This is a deliciously premium gin made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious arrangement of flavours. Unlike other gins, it’s because Hendricks is distilled in tiny batches of no more than 500 Litres at a time which allow for absolute control over the infusion of flavours giving this singularly smooth gin with intriguing depth and delicate floral aroma, its universal prestige.


  • Intense nose with initial bursts of crisp botanicals

  • Balanced juniper and coriander notes

  • Deep surprisingly floral aroma of roses

  • Sweet orange and lime zest with a hint of elderflower


  • Classical hints of angelica, coriander and orris root

  • Superbly balanced botanicals

  • Sweet citrus flavours of orange and lime

  • Hint of yarrow, liquorice and black pepper

  • Subtle finish of soaked rose petals, cucumbers and faint hints of Earl Grey


  • Singularly smooth

  • Silky texture

  • Thin body

“I tried this a few years ago and it instantly converted me. Serve with loads of ice, slimline tonic and a slice of cucumber. There isn’t anything more refreshing especially on a hot day.”