The Legendary Brewing Co. brings together some of the longest-standing breweries in Australia to celebrate the great Australian pastime of spinning a yarn over a cold one.


Iron Jack is the premiere beer from new Australian trademark - The Legendary Brewing Co. which pays homage to typical stories and legends at the forefront of our national spirit and identity as Aussies.


The world has changed a great deal for men in recent years. Being a man isn’t as simple as it used to be. The modern Australian man is expected to act and behave a certain way in society which can often challenge many masculine values which are at core of his own identity.

Is this the Beer For you?

  • If you have a loyal canine companion always found by your side who thinks you're a bloody legend,

  • If you love a trip to the outback to go bush with your mates,

  • If you own an Akubra hat and\or a pair of Blundies boots,

  • Enjoy a good chin-wag at your local,

...If you answered yes to any of the above then we have found the brew for you!


So who is Jack?

Jack represents the archetypal Aussie male character who embraces a sense of freedom and adventure as he travels across our sun-burnt country, building a sturdy reputation from his wild outback conquests and yarn-spinning capabilities, as he passed through many of our local taverns and pubs. The values of loyalty, strength and mateship which this figure embodies have now been immortalised in this premium quality Aussie lager.

He’s a regular Aussie guy. A down-to-earth, hard-working bloke who loves his dog and a good adventure with mates in the bush. He wants to stand up and be a real man, a good man. He’s the guy who’s known for getting in there, having a light-hearted go and doing whatever’s needed.

Finally, a beer celebrating positive Aussie masculinity!

What’s it like

Iron Jack Full Strength Lager is a contemporary Australian Lager brewed with our hot, rugged climate in mind. Pale malts are balanced with the aroma from a light dose of Saazhops for a super crisp finish and maximum thirst-crushing refreshment.

And to top it off Iron Jack is preservative free and has 30% less carbs than regular full strength beers.

4.2% ABV. 9 IBU.

The perfect companion for your next Aussie adventure and best enjoyed over a good yarn.

Iron Jack FS 24B Carton SKUV_LRRGB.JPG

Did you know?

Did you know the latitude and longitude coordinates of over 100 different locations can be found under the Iron Jack bottle tops which reveal some of outback Australia’s best fishing, 4WD tracks, camping grounds and regional pub locations?

“The whole purpose of the information under the bottle tops is to get guys out into the wild and forge a reputation. We want them to wonder where that location is, and when they have found it consider getting active, grabbing some mates and heading away for a weekend. This ties into the ‘What Are You Known For’ brand tagline, which challenges guys to live an active and positive life,” explains brand director Jack Mesley.

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