Beer of the Month special: 15 July - 11 August, 2019

Beer of the Month special: 15 July - 11 August, 2019

2 years young and growing strong; here at Rocky Ridge HQ we’re all about sustainability and local flavour. Our vision is simple; to be a fully self-sufficient farm estate. Our power already comes from the sun via a State of the Art off grid power system and our process uses exclusively Australian sourced ingredients, with a huge focus on local fruits, local grains and our own home-grown hops. All of our beers have seasonality at their core, reflecting the true nature of beers origin as an agricultural product.

What’s it like?

6.2% and bursting with Citrus and Stone fruit, a light bread malt body gives way to a firm, but not overwhelming bitter finish.

Did you know

  • Our brewery is off Grid for Power and Water

  • We are still a fully operational Dariy and Beef enterprise

  • All spent grain from the brewing process is used as animal feed on site

  • All water from the brewing process is treated and re-used

  • We have a target of self-sufficiency for all ingredients by 2025


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